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Digital marketing is one of the best ways to get new leads or drive sales in your e-commerce website.

Every effective advertising campain is built on good foundations. We will analyze your sales funnel, get to know your products or services, research the market and find the right approach to reach the right people. 



The four steps of an effective campaign.

RESEARCH and analysis
1st STEP

Research, analysis and foundation building

First we have to really get to know you, your products or services and your goals. Then we create a realistic plan that is appropriate for your budget. Research is important, we take a look at your target group and find the right approach to reach the right people.

To have an effective campaign you have to have a good foundation. We will take a look at your website and sales funnel to see if reaching your goal is possible with the existing structure. 

Because we want to bring you only the best results we will make suggestions on how to improve your sales funnel (which we can develop as well).

2nd STEP

Creating your campaign

Based on our research we get to work and start creating your campaign.

We take care of everything. From opening your ad accounts, designing banners, writing ad texts and finding the right keywords. 

BUILDING campaigns
LET'S take off
3rd STEP

Let's launch the campaigns

The campaigns go live, your potential customers enter the sales funnel or e-commerce store and our marketing experts track their actions. 

We constantly monitor the campaigns and do the necessary changes in order to improve them. With time and optimization it is entirely possible to increase ad efficiency while lowering PPC.

4th STEP

Monthly or weekly reports

Based on your goals we set a frequency of ad performance reports. Of course you also have the access to view the ad and analytics account and track its performance yourself. Everything is completely transparent.

Based on the reports we set new goals and make appropriate changes. 

WEEKLY reports

Optimize your website

Let’s make sure your products sell.

We build every campaign with great care and make sure they bring in new leads. But everything can always be improves. To optimize your sales funnel we can help you with:

Website development

E-commerce development

Website optimization

User analytics



Having a reliable partner is priceless.

Nedonosno oglaševanje

Low returns

Our marketing experts will make sure we find the right tools and approach to reach the right people.

Bad ad design

Let’s create eye catching ad banners and optimize them for conversions.

Nedosegljiva podpora

Unreliable partner

It’s important to have help just one e-mail or call away. Be it a technical problem or you simple need an advice, we’re there for you.

Netransparentno sodelovanje


With us, you have an insight into everything. You will know exactly what is going on and what your budget is being used for.

Neučinkovit prodajni proces

Low conversions

What is the cause of your low conversions? We’ll find out with a data driven approach and optimize your process to improve it.

Pomanjkanje obiskovalcev

No visitors

A website without traffic isn’t worth much. Let’s find the right approach and bring in new leads.



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